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Terror attack hits Izmir in Turkey

17 دی 1395 03:54

Terror attack hits Izmir in Turkey

Ankara, Jan 5, raknews – A large explosion occurred in Izmir, which is the third major city west of Turkey.

The explosion happened in the parking of Izmir central courthouse.

The media reports predict explosion of a bomb in a car and armed conflict between the attackers and police.

A number of Ambulances and firefighters were dispatched to the region.

Eyewitnesses said that a number of civilians have been injured as the result of armed conflict after the blast.

The Anadolu Agency reported that the two attackers have been killed and police continues investigations to arrest other potential attacker.

Turkey experienced another terrorist attack on Christmas day and according to Turkey's interior ministry, at least 39 people have died and 69 others been wounded in an armed attack on a nightclub in Turkey’s Istanbul.

The gunman, wearing a Santa Claus costume, killed a police officer and a civilian before he entered the club and opened fire at the people who were celebrating the New Year in Reina nightclub in the early hours of Sunday.

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