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Russia FM to attend Syria National Dialogue Congress in Sochi

6 بهمن 1396

Russia FM to attend Syria National Dialogue Congress in Sochi

Moscow, Jan 25, IRNA - Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will take part in the Syrian National Dialogue Congress slated to be held in Sochi from January 29-30.
In her weekly press conference, Zakharova commented on her country's stance regarding various issues including Syria, the dispute between Palestine and Israel and critical situation in Yemen.
She further noted that over 1,600 people will take part in the upcoming Syria National Dialogue Congress in Sochi.
In addition to delegations from Iran, Russia, Turkey and Syrian, representatives from the United Nations as well as regional and international players are to attend the upcoming event in Russia's Black Sea resort city.

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