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Iranian film “Orange Days” to go on silver screen in India

22 آذر 1397 00:18

Iranian film “Orange Days” to go on silver screen in India

Iranian film “Orange Days” directed by Arash Lahouti will be screened in the World Cinema section of the 16th Chennai International Film Festival.

The 16th edition of the Chennai International Film Festival (CIFF) organized by the Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation (ICAF) will be held December 13-20, 2018 with the attendance of more than 150 films from 59 countries.

“Orange Days” has already attended the 67th Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival in Germany, winning three awards at the event. During the closing ceremony of the 67th Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival, the Grand Newcomer Award Mannheim-Heidelberg for the best fiction feature film went to the “Orange Days” directed by Arash Lahooti. Lead actress Hedieh Tehran was given special praise for her outstanding performance in the film. The Iranian film has also received the International Film Critics Prize given by the FIPRESCI Jury, as well as the Ecumenic Film Prize.

“Orange Days” has also received Best Screenplay award and its main actress Hedieh Tehrani won Best Actress award at the 4th CineIran Festival 2018 in Toronto.

The Iranian film has already taken part at several international film festivals, including 16th TOFIFEST International Film Festival in Poland, the 19th Calgary International Film Festival in Canada, 2018 Zurich Film Festival in Switzerland, 42nd São Paulo International Film Festival in Brazil, and the 43rd Toronto International Film Festival.

“Orange Days” tells the story of Aban, the only female contractor in the cutthroat and male-dominated orange harvesting industry, who enters a competition to win a large contract. She wins the deal putting her own house at risk by using it as security. Now, she leads a group of female workers who work for her on a large harvest. Her efforts of staying strong in this patriarch society remain futile while anyone involved in her story including her husband tries to fail her.

A number of Iranian superstars, including Hediyeh Tehrani, Ali Mosaffa and Mehran Ahmadi are among the cast members of the flick.

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