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Rouhani tours exhibition on Iran’s latest scientific achievements

14 مهر 1398 12:52

Rouhani tours exhibition on Iran’s latest scientific achievements

raaknews.com-Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, a number of experts and managers who were accompanying the President during his tour of the exhibition briefed him on the content and purpose of the event.

The exhibition seeks to underline the necessity of designing concrete issues for state-of art technologies, the smart city, financial planning, space-based businesses, smart tourism, creative industries, cloud computing, etc.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has made huge progress in different scientific areas and technologies in recent years.

The Iranian Space Agency (ISA) has planned to build imagery satellites with one-meter-precision by the end of current Iran’s 20-year National Vision Program in 2025.

The first human-made satellite to orbit earth Sputnik-1 was launched on October 4, 1957 and ten years later on October 10, 1967 the Outer Space Treaty which defines countries’ space borders of exploration, and provides a basis for International Space Law was signed

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